Commercial Services


We utilize the services of Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM), these are a national network of NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centres. All linked on a private wire network with one of the most advanced monitoring systems available today. There is little point having the most advanced detection systems installed in your premises unless you can get the response you need. A fire alarm going off in the middle of a deserted industrial centre may go unnoticed until it is to late, the sounder of an intruder alarm may go unreported for crucial minutes The ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) will summon help and give you the peace of mind you need. We can monitor for almost anything:
  • Freezer failure
  • Fish tank water temp / water level
  • Medical call, (Push a hand held button to summon help)
  • Frost warning, greenhouses or farmers field
  • We can even arrange to remotely turn on the irrigation system for the farmer.
  • Intruders
  • Personal attack
  • Fire
  • What time your staff unlock the premises in the morning
  • What time your staff leave in the evening
  • Redcare monitoring - Red GSM
  • Digital communicator - Duel Com